Do you have a passion for technology, science, music, TV shows, and films that nobody else around you seems to appreciate? If you answered yes to that question then you might just enjoy our site! If you answered no then you’re in the wrong place, but we still appreciate your view.

Devin Davies

After being described as monotonous, I decided to give up speaking full time and become a writer. I have a great desire to create new things and share them with other people, those people being you. I’m also a big fan of new technologies and enjoy sharing my views on them. If you’ve got something you want reviewed feel free to send it my way!

Caleb Davies

I’m an enthusiastic caffeine drinker and certified cynic. I have two gorgeous daughters whose gorgeousness can only be  attributed to my wife. Prior to family life I spent time in Germany and England, I worked repairing caravans, and I studied live music production. I love writing and enforcing my opinion on others so I started this site with my brother.