LIFX Introduces Generation 3 Lighting

Huzzah! After being in innovational silence for the last wee while LIFX have just announced two new products, both of which are very exciting. lifxz_lifestyle_lg

I’ve been a big fan of LIFX ever since I bought my first color 1000 at the start of the year and since then have increased my collection. LIFX on October 1st announced that next month they will be releasing a new bulb called LIFX+. It will still offer the same range of colours as the Color 1000 but now delves into the invisible wonder of infrared so that your pet snake can enjoy the smart bulbs as well. What this will actually be useful for though is security cameras in the dark, this bulb will allow them to see a lot more without actually making the scene any brighter for the thief.

The second thing they announced is the new LIFX Z LED strip, which I’m very excited for! One of the only reasons I would consider switching to the hue system would be for the larger range of lighting options, but now that LIFX are adding to their repository with this strip there really isn’t much reason to even consider it. The 2 metre strip has 8 individually controllable sections so for each 25cm of the 2 metres you can have a different colour, meaning the customisation really is endless! This strip also includes the infrared introduced to the LIFX+.  The best part is there is still no hub required to tie all of these bulbs together! Just pair them to your network and you’re good to go with the super simple, easy to use app.

We’ll make sure we get our hands on the new LIFX Z in November and give you a full rundown of how it works with the rest of the LIFX system. Also props to whoever is managing the LIFX twitter account and putting up with the hundreds of requests for HomeKit, be patient people!

We’ve only gone and reviewed it now haven’t we, check it out here!

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