Apple Killed the Headphone Jack, Who Cares…

Unless you’ve been living who even knows where (a rock isn’t safe anymore), you’ve no doubt heard that the iPhone 7 doesn’t have a headphone jack. It’s been a week since Apple announced the new iPhone line up, and less than a few days until it’s released to the public. The buzz and criticism around this has been crazy!


I can’t understand why people are so bothered though. This isn’t the first time Apple have removed a popular port. They famously got rid of the optical drive on the original MacBook Air, which at the time was an equally bold move, but it ended up being totally fine. We’re alive and well and content streaming is going strong. Most people would agree that they did the right thing.

It also seems that Apple have covered all of the bases to make sure this transition into the future is as smooth as possible, however, people still seem to be having a hard time adjusting. Just about every argument against removing the jack is flawed, let’s combat a few of them.

Firstly, it comes with lighting headphones… in the box… that you can use. People are acting as though Apple have killed headphones altogether, as if they’ll never be able to listen to music again. But it’s still just as easy, you unbox your new EarPods, plug them into the lighting port. Done.

Secondly, it’s beyond me why people are worried about what this means for their old 3.5 jack headphones. The new iPhone ships with an adapter that means you can use them no worries. Some people have said “But what if I leave the adapter at home?” this argument is weaker than milky tea… For one, chances are the adapter will always be connected to your headphones so if you forget the adapter you will have forgotten the headphones as well. It’s also dirt cheap (compared to previous Apple adapters) to buy a new one and it’s about as small and unobtrusive as an adapter can be.

Some would like to think that they enjoy listening to music in the highest quality out and that when it comes down to it, bluetooth just doesn’t cut the mustard in terms sound, but let’s get real for a second, unless you’re listening to FLACC audio files you’re just not going to notice the difference and if you are…. you’ve probably got a sweet pair of 3.5 headphones that will fit that adapter perfectly.

The only valid argument against this move is “now I can’t listen to music and charge my phone at the same time” and that’s probably a fair point… but Apple has got your back on that too giving the new iPhone a bigger battery. Also if you do find yourself in a position where your battery is dead then just relax and enjoy the sound of silence (the actual sound of silence, not Simon and Garfunkel).

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 12.48.43 PM.png

If, even after all of these simple work arounds you find yourself still mad at Apple, the reality is that the new iPhone is just not for you. If you’re looking to upgrade the 6s is the model that would probably be best suited to you. It’s not as good as the 7 but it does have a headphone jack… and frankly that’s all you seem to care about.

With this move Apple has delivered on the innovation and expectation that everyone has of them, to lead us into the future of well reasoned design and gimmickless technology. Samsung took a dig at Apple in their Note 7 event “Want to know what else it comes with?” Justin Denison asked rhetorically. “An audio jack. I’m just saying.” but I’ll be very surprised if their flagship phones still have the headphone jack in a few years, that is if they stop exploding.

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