Can We Make Smartphones Exciting Again?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a great phone, the HTC 10 is a great phone, the iPhone 7 is bound to be a great phone. Great. But none of these phones are exciting.

The S7 is the phone that the S6 should have been all along, the HTC 10 is a final Hail Mary attempt to save a flailing brand, and the iPhone 7 looks like it’s going to be a feeble attempt to keep people interested until the supposedly more exciting iPhone 8 next year.

IMG_4664-3Smartphones are officially boring. We’ve reached the point where most spec bumps are equally unnoticeable and pointless. Designed to look impressive on paper but ultimately unessesary and redundant. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has arguably one of the best smartphone displays available, as well as one of the nicest cameras, and roughly the same amount of RAM and processing power as my 2012 MacBook Pro. While looking incredible on paper and certainly being one of the best phones available it’s very hard to feel truly excited about it. Water resistance? Expandable storage? Pat on the back Samsung. You couldn’t even make the leap to USB-C.


LG has managed to do something a little innovative with the modular G5, and the dual screens and cameras of the V10, but interesting products like these seem to be few and far between. If the Internet is to be believed (Has the Internet ever given you reason not to believe it?) then we may not see any major advances until 2017. Until then we’ll just have to enjoy having two cameras and no headphones jack.

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