Apple’s Wildly Inefficient Naming System

Dearest Apple

We have a problem. Today you released the iPhone SE, and while internally it’s a great update for anyone with an iPhone 4s or less (the presumed target), the name makes zero sense.
Firstly, what does SE even stand for… Sort-of Eh? It doesn’t seem to tie in to the naming system with the rest of the iPhone’s history: 4 then 4s, 5 then 5s and 5c, 6 then 6s. Shouldn’t this be the 6c? So what happens now? Does the iPhone SE slowly fade into non existence like the 5c did and then with the iPhone 7s you release the iPhone WTH, which looks just like the 6 or does it become it’s own line next year being updated to the iPhone SE2… this is too much!

This naming issue isn’t unique to the iPhone either. You’ve got a similar problem with your iPad’s, which you just made more confusing today as well. Introducing the 9.7 inch iPad pro! Should we consider this the new iPad air? or will the iPad air get a 3rd generation update later on? and what about the iPad mini… can we expect an iPad mini pro? Come on Apple… sort it out! It wasn’t that long ago that you released the 4th generation iPad and called it the ‘new’ iPad, which made sense at the time if you had stuck with that system and continued to call each new iPad the ‘new’ iPad, but you only did it for one generation! So, is it still considered the ‘new’ iPad now? Also, if every new iPad coming out gets given a pro tagline, doesn’t that negate itself? If they’re all considered pro then there’s no need to specify…

I have a wonderfully simple solution. Revert back to the classic consecutive thing you had going, it made sense. iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, etc. and within that, offer different sizes, so have a 4.5 inch iPhone 6s, a 5 inch iPhone 6s and a 6 inch iPhone 6s. Do the same with the iPads as well, have the iPad and within that have the mini, the air and the pro…. update them all at the same time with out this weird fragmented release. Then I’ll be happy and so will one or two other people.

Thank you for your time.
Big Fan.
Catastrophe Geek


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