Ten YouTube Channels You Should Be Subscribed To

YouTube has evolved considerably since 2005. In eleven years it has gone from being the home of 240p cat videos to a media juggernaut, the world’s most popular music streaming service, and for some people, the medium of choice for their creative careers. These people put gargantuan amounts of effort into their work. Uploading mini cinematic masterpieces week after week. But with three hundred hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute it can’t all be good!

To help you sort through the riff raff, here are (in no particular order) ten YouTube channels you should be subscribed to!

10. h3h3.jpgh3Productions
Goofster and gafster supreme Ethan Klein, along with his wife Hila, are best known for their reaction videos, with over the top goofy comedy and scathingly witty commentary. Despite the over the top nature of their videos Ethan and Hila also provide a lot of insightful and intelligent comments on a wide range of issues. Their second channel Ethan and Hila is also worth checking out!


photo9. Adrian Bliss
Although he doesn’t post very often, when he does it’s always worth watching. Recently we were treated to a whole month of content where he satirically vlogged for the duration of November. He also shoots some old school super 8 film which is a real treat!


screen junkies.jpg8. Screen Junkies
I would subscribe to Screen Junkies for their Honest Trailers alone. These are fantastically well done and wickedly funny. They also frequently post content relating to comic book and superhero movies, so if that sort of thing floats your boat then head over to their channel and get viewing.



7. The Needle Drop
Anthony Fantano, the internet’s busiest music nerd and YouTube’s most notorious music reviewer, has been doing his thing since back in 2009. He reviews a wide range of music and his extensive knowledge and expressive reviews make him well worth watching for any music fan. His second channel thatistheplan, where he posts less polished reviews and short funny videos, is also worth a look.



6. Marques Brownlee
Also know as MKBHD, is my go-to channel for all things tech. Marques posts high quality, well produced videos regularly, and talks about various aspects of technology in a way that anybody can understand but without oversimplifying things.



5. Unbox Therapy
Another great tech channel that is home to many great videos. Unbox Therapy is informative and with his unique attitude on camera is very enjoyable to watch.



4. Good Mythical Morning
A side project of YouTube superstars, Rhett and Link that got so out of hand it’s now their main project. Good Mythical Morning is a talk show style channel that posts every week day. They discuss interesting topics, play games, eat ridiculous food, and crack Dad jokes.



3. Mental Floss
Hosted by award winning author, John Green, Mental Floss on YouTube is a great place to learn interesting obscure facts and the truth behind commonly held misconceptions. If you love correcting people then this is the channel for you!


2. Mr Ben Brownben.jpg
Easily one of the better vloggers out there, Ben Brown hops between South Africa and England whilst juggling almost every other country. His vlogs are action heavy but he also talks a lot of gear and photography, which makes him appealing to at least two demographics!



1. Casey Neistat
Last but not least we have powerhouse Casey Neistat. Casey had his first viral video in the days before YouTube with “iPod’s Dirty Secret”. As well as being an established film maker, Casey is probably most well known now for his daily vlogging and snowboarding through New York. If you feel miserable when your favourite YouTuber doesn’t post then you’ll love Casey Neistat. Seriously, the man never stops working!


There are many other brilliant YouTube channels out there and this list just sheds light on a few of my favourites. Leave a comment below and let me know what YouTube channel you think everybody should be subscribed to!

All images taken from the listed YouTube channels.


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