Color 1000 by LIFX

If you’re perfectly happy with your incandescent light bulbs and have no desire to take a step into the future, then you should probably close this tab and do something else in your yellow vapidly lit home, this review will only make you upset.

For those of you however, who for years have been thinking, “gosh these bulbs aren’t up to much”, here is a light bulb that is up to much!


LIFX first came into our vision with their Kickstarter campaign back in 2012 where they raised a whopping $1,314,542 for their idea. A few years after fulfilling their crowdfunding goals, they’ve released the LIFXColor 1000, an LED smart lightbulb that blinds the competition.

The Color 1000 holds a wealth of functionality and potential, with the ability to choose from millions of different colors and white tones, you can set the mood perfectly. The LIFX set up is very simple, just download the LIFX app on either iOS or Android, screw the bulb into the socket, turn it on, and then pair to it through the Wi-Fi settings on your phone. From there, you transfer it over onto your home network and you’re good to go. It doesn’t even require a special hub to keep your home connected *cough* Phillips Hue *cough*. You can store the bulbs in groups to control specific rooms in your house, or you can access each light individually to fine-tune the ambience.

The LIFX app is very well structured and makes it a sinch to control the bulb, turning it off and on and spinning the color spectrum to your cold heart’s content. You can also set schedules so that the light slowly fades on as the sun sets… or when it rises, seriously they’ve thought of everything. LIFX have also made this bulb hugely compatible, it works with Amazon Echo, Nest, Google and a host of other less important things.

Some might argue that the current price point for the LIFX is a little steep, but to those people I would say, “No”, with vigour. Yes they are much more expensive than your classic incandescent bulb, or even the stock standard LED bulbs, but the added functionality and low cost of the LIFX actually means that over the 22 year life span of the bulb, you’ll save around $155 per bulb (by my loose calculations). So if you kitted out your whole house (which you should), then you’d be saving some serious dollars… and partying into the night with every color you can imagine.

I currently only have one LIFX bulb, however, I’m very excited about the prospect of transforming the whole home to LIFX. I can’t say for sure, but I’m fairly certain the more you have, the greater the experience… (if you read this LIFX, you’re more than welcome to help me confirm that!).

If Edison hadn’t gone and died I think he’d be well pleased with what LIFX have done with the light bulb.

Pick one up here!

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