Instax Mini 70 by Fujifilm

In a fully digital age it may be easy to think that there’s simply no need for an instant camera that produces actual photos that you can hold with your hands. To think that though, would be foolish. There’s still something very special about instant photos, and even if the demographic is predominantly teenage girls, I think everybody should be interested in what Fujifilm are doing. 


The Instax Mini 70 looks awesome. It’s made of plastic but the quality feels premium, and the design is much cleaner and fresher than its predecessor the Mini 8. As well as using it heavily, I’ve also just had it sitting on my desk looking pretty. It comes in three colours, yellow, blue and white. I opted for the blue model (by opted I mean that was the only option available. I would have loved a yellow one). While it doesn’t offer the same flashy modes as the Mini 90, this camera is definitely a healthy upgrade from the Mini 8. It now has a fully auto mode so you can just turn on and shoot without worrying about the settings. It also has landscape mode, a selfie mode that adjusts the flash and focus so that you don’t end up looking totally blown out, plus a selfie mirror by the lens that helps you frame your perfect face. Also with the Mini 8 the flash was forced no matter how bright the scene already was and you’d often end up with really blown out shots, but now with the Mini 70 if the scene is already well lit the flash doesn’t fire, which is really helpful!


One of my favourite features of the Mini 70 is the new self timer setting, so you can set it up for a group photo or just a photo of yourself if you’re lonely like me. It also allows you to take two photos after the ten seconds so you don’t have to run back and press the shutter again, because that would be really hard.

The only downside with this camera and it’s the same for all instant cameras is the price of the film. Because Fujifilm are the only company that produce it they can sell it for whatever they like. It currently works out at around $1.50 NZD per photo which is cheaper than the Instax wide film, but still gets quite costly (although Fujiilm if you’re reading this I’d be happy to remove this negative paragraph for a 50 pack…).

I think everybody should have an instant camera. The share-ability of Instax photos is brilliant, if you take a cool shot with a friend it’s great to be able to give them the photo to keep.

The Instax Mini 70 would be a great gift for everyone! It currently costs $229 NZD which is around $100 more than the Mini 8 but for the additional functionality and improved design, I would definitely say that it’s worth getting this model.


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