The Ten Greatest TV Shows Of All Time!

I have spent eleven months of my life without gainful employment (for various reasons as well as plain laziness) and as a result of this I’ve watched many, many TV shows. So when I say these are the ten greatest, I think I know what I’m talking about! Without any further ado let’s being the countdown!

Skins10. Skins
Following the hijinks and tribulations of three different groups of English teenagers, Skins comes across as somewhat artistic while avoiding being pretentious. The first four seasons are by far the best. The fifth and sixth are still enjoyable, but the cast didn’t quite measure up to that of the first and second generation. While the seventh season revisited some of the characters from seasons three and four, I felt that the show had lost the charm that originally made it so great.

OFAH@9. Only Fools and Horses
British television staple, and according to one study, the funniest British sitcom of all time, Only Fools and Horses is brilliant from start to finish. Only Fools and Horses is devastatingly funny and devastatingly sad at times. The characters are well crafted and you grow attached to them throughout the show. An undeniable classic, Only Fools and Horses is a must watch for any fan of British comedy.

Louie8. Louie
We scoot over to America now for next few shows on the list, beginning with Louie. This show portrays a fictionalised version of comedian Louie C.K.’s life. This is definitely not a show for fans of happy endings. I find most of the humour to be quite subtle and dark. It is a very well executed show and almost plays like an indie film. For fans of schadenfreude this show is definitely worth your time.

Friends7. Friends
I don’t think any self-respecting list of great TV shows would be complete without Friends. Not many shows can remain amazing as amazing as Friends did over ten long seasons! The show follows the lives of a group of friends living in Manhattan. Like Only Fools and Horses, the humour is sharp and plentiful, but the show also contains many an emotional moment. If you haven’t seen Friends already, you really ought to question the value of your life so far.

Bored To Death6. Bored To Death
Bored To Death stars Jason Schwartzman as a writer, who following a difficult break up with his long term girlfriend decides to become a private detective, offering his services through Craigslist. I really enjoyed the offbeat quirkiness of this show, found it very visually appealing, and thought the cast were absolutely exceptional. At only three seasons long you my as well watch all of it.

Freaks And Geeks5. Freaks And Geeks
They say the good die young, this is the case for Freaks And Geeks, killed off after only one season. A certified cult classic, Freaks And Geeks centres around two groups of high schoolers, the freaks and the geeks, obviously. I imagine this show helped to kick-start the careers of Jason Segal, James Franco, and Seth Rogen, who continue to make magic together till this day.

GOT4. Game of Thrones
After being told about Game of Thrones by various friends I thought it sounded like absolute garbage. Dragons? Lame! I eventually gave it a chance and was absolutely blown away. I wholeheartedly believe that everybody should give this show a try. Despite your opinions on the fantasy genre, I think this show will win you over! I don’t know what else to say about this show, just watch it!

Breaking Bad3. Breaking Bad
You should have seen this show by now. It’s great. Really, really great. Bryan Cranston gives the performance of his life as chemistry teacher turned drug dealer Walter White. The show only gets better as is goes on with the anti being upped every season. I was hooked from the very first episode. Luckily this was in 2011, so I was able to dedicate all of my time to binge watching the four available seasons! Better Call Saul, a spin-off from this show is also worth checking out.

The Simspons2. The Simpsons 
While I have to admit that recent seasons of The Simpsons have been garbage and it’s time for this show to end, that doesn’t tarnish the fondness with which I watched earlier Simpsons episodes. Combing both clever and extremely low brow comedy, The Simpsons caters to all. The standout character of this show for me has to be Homer. Despite being a complete moron, he always comes through for his family in the end. He’s up there on my list of ten greatest role models.

Sherlock1. Sherlock 
Episodes of Sherlock are few and far between, but it’s always worth the wait. Created by the legend Steven Moffat (Doctor Who and Coupling being other favourites of mine), along with Mark Gatiss (Who also plays Mycroft in the show), Sherlock is a modern adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes story. At around an hour and a half, each and every episode is a cinematic masterpiece. Everything about this show is next level incredible. The cast, the writing, the cinematography. Free up thirteen and half hours of your time, find somewhere comfortable and watch this show. You won’t regret it.

This list is of course just my opinion and I haven’t quite seen every show in existence. Leave a comment below and let me know what show you think should have been on the list!

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6 thoughts on “The Ten Greatest TV Shows Of All Time!

  1. Great list of shows, particularly Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

    I love Breaking Bad, but I have friends who won’t give it a full chance, since they have this need to root for a hero or something. Vince Gilligan was the hero I was rooting for, for the excellent writing and amazing construction of the stories.

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