Minipresso by Wacaco

You’d be hard pressed to find an online content creator that has no interest in coffee. In fact, these days you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that doesn’t partake in the occasional espresso, however convoluted their order may be. The Minipresso by Wacaco was given to me as a gift, and while it doesn’t deliver a triple shot quarter strength soy cappamochaamericano, it does do exactly what it says on the tin, and it does it very well.


The Minipresso has a wonderfully small form factor, meaning that it easily fits into your backpack or large handbag. It’s so conveniently sized in fact, that there really is no excuse to drink instant coffee ever again, you may as well throw out your plunger too. It’s very easy to operate. Simply fill the conveniently provided scoop up with your preferred grind and then tip into the filter basket and lightly tamp with the underside of the scoop. The basket then goes into the middle portion of the device and the top screws on. Hot water is then poured into the rear part and screwed into the rear. A quick twist to the side nob releases the pump and you’re more than set.IMG_7440-2

IMG_7468-7IMG_7474-8After around ten pumps, you should have a near perfect espresso shot ready to enjoy on the hill you just climbed, around the campsite in the morning or if you’re like me… at the desk you just sat down at after a long trek back from the kitchen. IMG_7495-12IMG_7502-13There are one or two downsides to the Minipresso. From my experience it hasn’t been the easiest thing to clean, a lot of the internal parts can’t be washed properly unless you do a few pump cycles with water only, which could be annoying if you’re actually using it while camping. Also something that I didn’t quite take in to consideration is that you also have to carry a flask of hot water, which will take up extra space.

When releasing the Minipresso, Wacaco mentioned that they were planning to also release an expansion tank so that more water could be pumped through creating a more substantial shot. This would be a very nice addition to the Minipresso, so I can only hope that it’s still in the works.

If you like coffee even just a little bit then you need the Minipresso. It will impress your friends, they’ll think you’re hip.

Buy one now!

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