Return of the Macbook

Yesterday Apple announced the return of its MacBook line after a four year hiatus. What a return it is too! screen-shot-2015-03-13-at-4-58-31-pmDesign

The all new MacBook lives up to Apple’s lofty design standards and then some. Gone are the days when ‘as thin as a deck of cards’ was a brag, at just 13.11mm thick at it’s fattest point this thing is ridiculous. Now also available in space grey, silver, and gold (For the fur coat wearers among us). The new MacBook is absolutely beautiful.

Basic specs

  • The MacBook comes kitted out with the 12″ retina display that was rumoured for the MacBook Air, it has a resolution of 2304 x 1440 anddisplays 226 pixels per inch.
  • 8GB of RAM comes standard, double the offering of the current MacBook Air
  • You can have either 256GB flash storage or 512GB at extra cost
  • Where this laptop may fall short is in its processor. At only 1.1GHz or 1.2GHz in the more expensive model, the Intel Core M may not be up to scratch when it comes to tasks such as video and photo editing.

My thoughts

There’s no doubt that the MacBook is a stunning laptop, I wanted to sell my kidneys to buy one the minute I saw it, but at $1999NZD, it’s underpowered and overpriced. Especially when you can buy a retina MacBook Pro for the same price. Realistically, all this new laptop offers at this stage is that it’s shiny and new. It’s a lot like the MacBook Air when it was first released, so give it a few years and I’m sure it’ll be a great buy! But until then, my mid-2012 MacBook Pro will continue to do the trick.

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